"Sometimes Love" - The Story of Wells Kelly Movie Summary

"Sometimes Love," is the humorous, yet tragic story of the life and death of Wells Kelly, famed "Orleans" drummer. Wells was well liked and admired by all who knew him. The movie will include flashbacks, switching back and forth with current scenes that were taking place in the early 80's. At the time, Wells was recording and performing with Matt Jordan Futurband. The project started in Woodstock, NY and moved to New York City because many of the members lived there.

These flashbacks will cover Well's entry into music as a child, and how he became a song writer and excellent musician, performing with many major name bands. Loaded with music, love, laughter, sadness, it will have all the qualities of a Neil Simon movie, that keeps one "glued to their seats," not wanting it to end. It will be a complete story, with some bad as well as happy experiences, and with a sad ending, instilling all kinds of emotions in movie goers.

Wells struggled getting into music. He played with many bands, but finally made it helping "Orleans" to achieve great classic rock hits, several still loved and played today. These were Billboard ranked songs getting airplay for many weeks, including, "Still the One," #5 for 12 weeks, "Dance With Me," #6 for 11 weeks, and "Love Takes Time," #11 for 9 weeks.

 Part of the story will show how many musicians who appeared on hit records did not make a lot of money, nor anything in relationship to the money they made for others. Wells made very little money on these hits because he failed to be represented by a strong, experienced music attorney.

Wells went on to play with many name groups, getting some tours and work with names like, Meatloaf, Clearance Clemmons, and Ann Lang, the wife of Michael Lang of the first and original "Woodstock concert." He went on to record with Matt Jordan Futurband, and Wells and Matt became good friends.

Wells was substituting in England for Meatloaf's drummer when he died. While in London, Wells went out one night with friends from the band, Tower Of Power, to see his old college roomate, Hewey Lewis. Wells loved to drink and constantly made people laugh with his great sense of humor. He was a constant teaser, and a lot of fun to hang out or work with.

Wells was found laying on his back, asphyxiated, in front of the front door by one of the Meatloaf members who was going out for an early morning run. He died like so many great musicians died including Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix.

Wells wrote several of his songs together with his brother, Sherman Kelly. One of them, "Sometimes Love," was a song that made Billboard and will be the title theme song of the movie. Also, the others completed included , "Why," "Givin It Up," and "The Grass Is Always Greener." It has been Matt's desire to complete the album in memory of Wells, and do a movie about his life for many years since his good friend Wells died.

A great sellable soundtrack will be produced, including some of the bands Wells played, and/or wrote songs for like, "Orleans," "Clearance Clemmons," "Ann Lang," "Meatloaf," "Huey Lewis," "Futurband."

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